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About Us

MTD Hospitality Consulting offers a comprehensive range of consulting services in Food Service and Hospitality.

MTD Group was founded in 1982 to provide premium expertise in the design and documentation of catering facilities. MTD offers a comprehensive range of consulting services in Food Service and Hospitality; and are totally independent of manufacturers and distributors which will offer you both objective & professional advice.

In 2014, MTD became MTD Hospitality Consulting and joined with the FCA Group – Foodservice Consultants Australia, greatly adding to the functional expertise in both architectural service capability and building services expertise available to clients.

MTD Hospitality Consulting embraces all aspects of the food service and hospitality industry including catering management, catering fit out, ergonomic design, electronics and refrigeration specialties.

Consultant services offered include Feasibility studies, preparation of planning briefs, conceptual designs and full documentation, tender management and installation work.

The Team

Andrew BrainPrincipal
Andrew is a Senior Associate of the FCSI (Foodservice and Consultants Society International) with 30 years of experience in design and construction of commercial kitchens. Andrew is qualified in architectural building design and holds a current accreditation as a Food Safety Supervisor. He has worked in projects across Australia, UAE and the Pacific Islands. Comprehensive CAD and REVIT skills
Julian HaPrincipal
Julian has 20 years of experience in design and construction of commercial kitchens. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has extensive experience in detailed designing of the fit-out and engineering of commercial kitchens in the Middle East, Malaysia, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia
Wasko Dimitroff
Wasko has over 35 years’ experience in consulting in the foodservice industry, leading the firm to acclaim as one of the premier foodservice consultants both in Australia, and abroad.
Wasko is a Professional member of the FCSI where he has held various positions on the Board, working towards improving professional standards and service in the food & beverage industry. He is also a member of ACCC (Australian Cook Chill Council) and AIFST (The Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology).
Albin Chavy
Albin has trained in various disciplines within the hospitality industry over the past 15 years, having achieved a diploma of foodservice in France after six years in Hospitality school. Serving under professional FCSI members in France, he has consulted within various public health and CPU kitchens, within Africa, Middle East and some iconic project installations within Australia. He has comprehensive CAD and REVIT skills
Anna Barvinsky
Anna has 10 years of design consulting experience in commercial kitchen design and 4 years in architectural drafting and design. Anna holds a diploma in Building Design & Technology and is currently in her third year on the Bachelor of Design (Architecture). Comprehensive CAD and REVIT skills
Natasha Erbs
Natasha has over 20 years’ experience working in Multi discipline corporate services, including business development, corporate/IT recruitment, and resource management in the supermarket, finance and Information Technology industries
Christine Treloar
Chris has over 20 years’ experience working in Multi discipline Engineering and Drafting services, including Mechanical, Electrical and Structural design for commercial and residential projects. Chris has experience in CAD and REVIT.
Expert Food service dog, Hamish spends a tremendous amount of time within our office kitchen making sure that all team members respect all the HACCP regulations. He helps by cleaning the food that may drop on floor behind them.
He brings joy and laughter to our office and reminds us to stay down to earth.